About us

ePartner in Norway

When ePartner started we thought that in the future it will be important for the large enterprises to automate the purchasing processes through the customized purchasing systems. As a decision we pursued to develop a purchasing portal that would have "requester / approver" functionality and that would be the best procurement portal for ICT products in the Norwegian market. The plan was that the portal could be used by customers without purchasing systems as well as by individual customers with their own Purchasing Solution.

Today this is the reality for many of the major Norwegian and international enterprises. Among ePartner customers we have several who uses our procurement portal and our services.

In 2004 ePartner was probably the first company in Norway that established a punch-out integration between a supplier and customer ERP solution. Today, this solution is one of our showcases on the electronic interaction.


ePartner was established in 2000 and from the start our focus was to streamline IT procurement for our customers.

In 2007 ePartner bought Idèdata AS which was among the leading companies in Norway on smartelephony. We believed that telephony will melt together with ICT in the future. Today we can see that it has become a reality. As a consequence of the acquisition, we chose to join the mobile telephony chain TeleRing in order to offer telephony subscriptions and services from Telenor and Telia.

In late 2015 Markit bought 51% of ePartner from IPEC AS which currently owns the remaining 49% of the company. IPEC is controlled by founder and CEO of ePartner, Hans Erik Robbestad.

The motivation for this partnership was to have the possibility to offer our customers an even better purchasing portal and simultaneously combine ePartners international central distribution model, with Markits local distribution model. This will give customers a unique value proposition.
On the 1st of May 2016 ePartners purchasing portal are migrated into Markits global solution.

ePartner has had positive results every year since the start-up year. In 2015, we had 25% growth and ended up on a turnover of 69MNOK with a profit before tax of 3,8MNOK. We managed this growth without increasing the number of employees in the organization.