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ePartner - part of Markit, has been chosen as purchasing partner for PCs and related ICT equipment for 19 countries within the Bisnode Group.

ePartner was selected as the main partner in the strong competition with European leading ICT companies in a thorough RFP process conducted by Bisnode. The main aim of the Bisnode RFP was to find a strong partner that could facilitate the need of efficient centralizing and standardising the purchasing process of PC and related ICT products across multiple countries and regions in Europe.
In addition to supply ICT equipment to all location within Bisnode, the agreement is also a partner agreement with incentives to make continuously improvements.

Hans Erik Robbestad, CEO of ePartner - part of Markit, commented the cooperation with a stern optimism of being able to offer Bisnode the competence and experience within the digitalizing of procurement processes and improving the terms and conditions of ICT sphere for the customer. In addition, the ePartner / Markit global online procurement system and marketplace will be instrumental part of the cooperation that will be available for Bisnode in all the countries.

“We chose ePartner because we were looking for a supplier that could offer a high-quality service on an attractive range of products and combine that with a commitment to drive down our costs,” says Markus Norrbom, Group Procurement Manager at Bisnode. “ePartner will also help us integrate our purchasing process in our operations, thereby minimizing Bisnodes’ internal administration and technical roll out costs. In addition, they will help us to harmonize our client computer landscape by pre-imaging and preparing for automated software distribution, thereby further reducing our costs. They will support our operations in all 19 countries, which is exactly the kind of service we are looking for from a supplier. The co-operation agreement is open to join for other companies within the Ratos group upon further decision.
About ePartner - part of Markit
Markit is a leading IT e-commerce company working in 34 countries globally. Markit integrates more than 200 leading IT distributors in the world into simple and transparent online platform and providing fast and efficient tools for companies to manage, centralize and streamline their IT purchasing process. With estimated 110 million EUR turnover in 2018 Markit is looking to open Asia as the next region in a bid to service global companies. More than 15% of Fortune2000 companies are already using Markit as a part of their IT purchasing.
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About Bisnode
Bisnode, a leading progressive data and analytics company in Europe, is building a brighter future using smart data. We have more than 2,100 passionate and curious employees who collaborate in 19 countries using predictive analytics and scoring models to predict customer behavior, deliver remarkable insights, and ultimately find innovative solutions to enduring problems. Bisnode – data to drive you forward.