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Markit – World Procurement Awards Finalist – Again! 


This year Markit entered the World Procurement Awards for the second time, and we have been shortlisted for the final!

This time in the Procurement Technology Provider Category.


The World Procurement Awards is the “Oscars” of our industry and so we would like to say a few thank yous. 

  • Thank you to all our clients. It’s your success in using Markit to save your company’s time and money that has made this possible. In 2021, a particularly challenging year, our multinational clients in 38 countries saved an average of 11.7% on IT product prices plus numerous time & efficiency gains in IT purchasing processes, worth millions.  

    A special shout out goes to Joanna Siemiatkowska at Danfoss for her testimonial. 

  • Thank you to our Markiteers. It’s our hard work, professionalism, and ability to help our clients succeed that makes our clients’ results so special and worthy of consideration for a world-class award. Our clients gave us 75.1% Net Promoter Score in 2021 (that’s world class!). We deserve a pat on the back, all 156 of us. 

  • Thank you to the WPA judges. Thank you for having the insight to recognise that our specialist marketplace technology continues, even in the most challenging circumstances, to create significant time and money savings for IT buyers globally.

We were shortlisted at the last World Procurement Awards Finals in 2020 so once again, I am extremely proud of our team and clients.

Industry recognition for our IT marketplace-as-a-supplier solution continues to grow.

In fact, Markit’s revenue grew by 46% in 2021, a sign that whatever the challenges IT buyers and CPOs face in these disruptive times of Covid-19, conflict, and climate protection, both our technology and our people are tried and tested - and proven able to consistently deliver results that matter on the bottom line.” 

Andres Agasild, Markit CEO  

The full shortlist for Procurement Technology Provider Awards 

  • C2FO, United States of America 

  • Clariant, Switzerland 

  • Globality, United Kingdom 

  • Ivalua, United States of America 

  • Jaggaer, United Kingdom 

  • Keelvar, Ireland 

  • Markit, Estonia 

  • Moglix, India 

  • Procurence, Poland 

  • SHIPSTA, Luxembourg 

  • Sirion Labs, United States of America 

  • Tealbook, United States of America 

Source: World Procurement Awards 

About Markit  

Thousands of international companies across 5 continents are saving considerable amounts of time and money by sourcing and buying their IT hardware and accessories through Markit’s IT marketplace and procurement solution. 

Markit clients compare prices and delivery times in real time in our marketplace of over 4.5 million unique IT products. In 2021, clients saved an average of 11.7% on average market prices and thousands of hours by using Markit to manage, centralise, and streamline their IT purchasing.

The average delivery time for orders is 3.65 days. Our Net Promoter Score is 75.1% and rising. 

Founded in Estonia in 2003, Markit is now working in over 38 countries. 

In 2021, Markit’s revenue was 178.7M euros.