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In May 2022, more than 150 of our beloved Markiteers gathered in Cologne, Germany for our annual Markit Summit.

The sun was shining. Positivity and kindness were in the air. It was to be the start of a unique and memorable set of experiences.

Given the horrific war in Ukraine and pressing climate change issues it was clear the Markit 2022 Summit would be quite different to previous years. The agenda was transformed to focus on one of Markit’s key values: KINDNESS   

As Andres Agasild, our passionate CEO, said:

"We can simply say, that at Markit, our strategy is kindness. Not underestimating the ability to help by creating superb value through technological and business innovation, we know that it is kindness that gives life, the right focus, and intent to everything we do.
From helping clients succeed, to being on a mission of positive change, to living our core values to improve the realities around us - kindness breeds kindness, and spreading it through all aspects and activities of Markit is our mission.
Kindness as our strategy for business.

Markiteers are inspired by the Musketeers, and we have adopted their motto: “One for all, and all for one“.
We feel that this idea is central and more relevant than ever to address the challenges around us.
Kindness cannot afford complacency.
Summit 2022 was all about Kindness in Action!"


In a world full of green-washing and slick CSR-marketing-speak, it's easy to forget that, in reality, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Markit is not full of policies and reports about how nice we are to our people, partners, and the planet but Summit was a chance for more action and so we would like to share a little about what took place.


Words can't describe the horror and tragedy unfolding Ukraine but Markit is committed to helping. At the Summit we chose to dedicate our resources to assisting the Yellow-Blue Cross German-Ukrainian Association.​​​​​​​

It was "smart helping". Pre-summit discussions revealed two important bottlenecks to delivering aid to Ukraine: Cash and packing help.

Markit donated 90,000€ to pay for essential food, safety, and medical items (no teddy bears or other non-essential items) and their transport to targeted locations within Ukraine.

On top of that, 160 Markiteers helped the Blue-Yellow Cross team to pack the boxes and pallets, ready to be loaded on to the trucks.

By the time the Summit had ended a few days later, the goods had been delivered.

Read the full story here

Our help in Cologne was a continuation of Markit's Response to the War in Ukraine.

The Blau-Gelbes Kreuz (Yellow-Blue Cross) is a state-approved, non-profit association based in Cologne, which has been supporting the development of a free, democratic Ukraine since 2014 and providing help for the victims of the war, especially for children, internally displaced persons, the injured and other people in need from the regions affected by the war.

If you would like help this amazing organisation then reach out to Blue-Yellow Cross through their website or simply make a donation now on PayPal.


We joined together with foresters from the Ahrweiler district council  (south of Cologne) and physically planted 1,300 trees (Douglas Fir and Walnut) .

We had previously bought a plot of land near the scene of Germany’s worst natural disaster in half a century. A flood that killed 98 people in the area. Climate scientists say it is highly likely man-made pollution was a factor.

This activity alone may not have a huge impact on our planet's climate but it’s a great start and we will be planting more around the this space for more details in the future!

Be inspired - Plant some trees with your friends and colleagues.

As Greta Thunberg famously said, “There is no Planet B.”

We all have an obligation to help reduce GHG emissions and be kind to our planet.

Planting trees is not all we intend to do. Markit is already helping in other ways.

Please see our recently published a paper about Sustainable IT Procurement with suggestions how clients can reduce the environmental impact of their IT purchasing and how Markit is enabling those possibilities.

Summit is a time for learning, fun, and bonding too.  It's the time of year when Markiteers come together, welcome new employees and catch up with our international colleagues.


Michael Schumacher, the seven-time World Champion began his career at the Erftlandring, a venue near his hometown of Kerpen-Manheim owned by the family.

Now known as the MICHAEL SCHUMACHER KART CENTER, it was the place where Michael and his brother Ralf built their passion for racing.

Markiteers had the honour (and great fun) to race each other in the first ever MARKIT GRAND PRIX!


Whether it's about continuous professional development or something more personal, Summit is a place of learning too.

In a series of quickfire presentations from Markiteers, we learned about:

  • How to freeze your fear
  • Handling anxiety
  • The secret lives of Markiteers
  • Mindfulness and living in the moment
  • How to plant 25,000 trees
  • About Singapore - Markit's main Asian office
  • The benefits of multiculturalism in the workplace


The Summit came to its emotional, reflective, and celebratory end with a party - cruising down the Rhine on board the Königin Silvia – dancing the night away to the live sounds of Frankie Animal, from Estonia.


Of course, part of the Summit is also to talk about company results and plans.

Markit has continued growing thanks to our continued hard work and success in helping our clients save time and money on their IT hardware and accessories purchasing.

Our goals and vision remain firmly on track, with kindness at the core of it all.

Special thanks are due to Team Markit Germany for making everyone so welcome and educating us about Cologne’s vibrant and diverse 2000-year history. 

Until next year.

Markiteers. All for one and one for all!