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As the tragedies surrounding the war in Ukraine unfold, Markit is providing carefully planned and transparent support to: 

  • Ukrainians in need of humanitarian assistance 

  • Our affected employees and their families 

  • Our clients 

UPDATE 22.02.2024 Read how Markit and German non-profit Blau-Gelbes Kreuz (Yellow-Blue Cross) helped pack and deliver 90,000 euros of humanitarian aid to east Ukraine.

Markit supports Ukrainian victims of the conflict 

So far Markit has donated 100,000 euros in total across three organisations: 

Malteser International is the worldwide relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta providing relief and recovery during and following conflicts and disasters:

Malteser International is protecting health by ensuring people have access to functioning medical structures, adequate nutrition, clean water, sanitation and hygiene as well as to strengthen the resilience of people in especially vulnerable regions against future crises.​ 

Find out more about how Malteser International is helping in Ukraine or make a personal donation. 


​​​​​​​UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.​ UNHCR has stepped up their operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

With teams across Ukraine and in neighbouring countries hosting refugees from Ukraine, UNHCR is providing protection and humanitarian assistance, including emergency shelters, repairs for homes damaged by shelling, emergency cash assistance, and protection such as psychological support.  

Find out more about how UNHCR is helping in Ukraine or make a personal donation. 


The Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tallinn, Estonia is a registered charity supporting internally displaced persons in Ukraine: people affected close to the front line, and people who need medical help - especially those requiring recurrent operations and rehabilitation.​

The centre also promotes and preserves Ukrainian culture in Estonia, and houses a school, library and museum. 
Donation Information 

Account name: Ukraina Kultuurikeskus 
Account number: EE541010220027044013 

Find out more about The Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tallinn 

Markit supports our Ukrainian Family 

Whilst Markit does not have offices in Ukraine, eight of our Markiteers are Ukrainian or have Ukrainian family members directly affected by the conflict. We are doing what we can to help ensure the safety of their families. We remain in constant contact with the affected people, offering ongoing financial and personal support where needed. 

Markit supports our Markiteers 

Every Markiteer is naturally psychologically affected by the war and so we are also actively helping each other to stay strong physically and emotionally by encouraging participation in the Markit Headspace Mindfulness Program, enhanced internal communication channels, and fitness activities. In order to help others effectively we must ensure we help each other too - to stay healthy, strong, and reduce any unwelcome instances of stress, depression, or anxiety. 

Markit supports strong international sanctions 

For both moral and legal reasons, we are fully complying with UK, European, and American sanctions. 

Markit does not have any direct Russian or Belorussian clients however, with legal assistance where necessary, we are examining our client, partner, and supplier relationships in depth and will remove any sanctionable companies from our business operations if discovered. Sanction developments are being closely monitored to ensure ongoing compliance. 

Markit supports our clients 

Whilst Markit’s direct exposure to the conflict is limited it clearly will impact a significant number of clients and partners, so we are enhancing protection of IT systems globally, maintaining regular client and partner contact to understand, and help solve, the IT supply challenges they are facing.  

Planned service developments and investments are currently uninterrupted, and we are working hard to ensure we continue delivering essential IT equipment in a fast and efficient manner to our clients in the 38 countries where we operate. 

Markit also supports sustainable development goals 

Markit is an active participant of the United Nation Global Compact. 

Our Communication of Progress, due by November 2 2022, will include transparent information on our relevant conflict response actions and results, and how they relate to our Sustainable Development Goals.