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The Secret Lives of Markiteers


Markit celebrates diversity

With employees (Markiteers) of over 30 nationalities from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, Markit is a melting pot of diverse attitudes, interests, talents, and beliefs. 

Markiteers all share common values of professionalism, honesty, transparency, kindness, and loyalty but it’s also interesting to know what else binds us and what makes us individuals too, so we ran an anonymous survey of 125 Markiteers to discover their secrets... 

Here’s a snapshot of some things we discovered. 

  • Only 40% of us are Early Birds. Most are Night Owls (60%) 
  • 75% of Markiteers prefer coffee to tea. 
  • A beach getaway is the ideal holiday for 75% of us. 
  • When asked, “If you could live 1 year anywhere in the world, where would it be?” the top 5 were New Zealand, USA, Australia, Spain, Italy but one person would like to move to the international space station! 
  • Most popular “dream location of a future Markit office” is New York City... maybe one day. Markit is growing fast in the USA, that’s for sure! 
  • Homer Simpson rocks! Our clear favourite cartoon character. 

(Some) Markiteers eat some pretty weird food combinations 

  • Condensed milk with sausages. 
  • Coffee with salt. 
  • (Despite expressions of horror and protest from our Italian Team) many Markiteers do actually love pineapple or peach on pizza!


Some pretty bizarre jobs have been held by Markiteers in the past. Somehow all those past experiences have helped shape the Markit spirit and talent pool.  

  • I cleaned cages of scorpions, snakes, and spiders in a travelling gypsy "zoo". 
  • I was a blueberry quality controller - they were delicious! 
  • I harvested tobacco leaves. 
  • I spent two months placing dominos next to each other in an attempt to break the world Guinness record. 
  • I wrote Christmas cards on behalf of an elderly lady. 


Markiteers are not just skilled at saving time and money on our clients’ IT procurement needs. 

  • Due to my ballet background, I bend well. 
  • I can walk 25 metres... on my hands. 
  • I am a tightrope walker/high wire walker and do other circus arts. 
  • I water-ski and am in the top 3 in the nationals in my age division. 
  • I have a black belt in Kung Fu. 
  • I am a certified masseuse. 


We all work hard at Markit to help our clients succeed but that doesn’t mean we don’t mess up sometimes! Some slightly embarrassing secrets were shared. 

  • I made smoothie with banana peel (yuk!) 
  • I boarded the wrong plane and got kicked off only after 20 minutes sitting on board - after two recounts! 
  • I tried calling someone using my calculator ;) 
  • I filled up the wrong car at the petrol station. 
  • I had a call with my friend while searching for my phone in my purse. I told him that I needed to stop the call because I had lost my phone and had to go back to the office to find it. I realized right after ending the call... doh! 
  • I took the wrong train to a wrong city. 
  • I went to the office on a Sunday thinking it was already Monday 
  • I entered the wrong tent at a camp site after returning from the pub one night. Luckily, the people (didn’t mind and) offered me a drink! 

So, there you have it. A peak inside the secret lives of Markiteers.  

To find out more you will have to get to know us personally! 

You can find out more about Markiteer’s views of working at Markit on Glassdoor and if you're interested in joining the team then please check the current Markit vacancies here.