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Načrti za indirektno IT nabavo v 2020 
Že skoraj leto dni je minilo odkar je podjetje Gartner objavilo belo knjigo z naslovom “Procurement 2020: Your Action Plan to Prepare Now”. Kljub temu, da imata nabava in informatika že potrjene načrte nabave za leto 2020, še vedno lahko...


Raziskava McKinsey&Co o indirektni nabavi IT opreme
Ni ravno pogosto, da najdemo tako osredotočenega članka ali raziskave, ki jasno navaja prihodnost nabave IT opreme, kot indirektne nabavne kategorije. Oglejte si tega: How B2B online marketplaces could transform indirect procurement prip...


Tudi način nabave IT opreme lahko prispeva k zeleni prihodnosti 


2019 – Še eno odlično leto za Markit 
Za nami v Markitu je še eno odlično leto, leto konsolidacije poslovanja ter hkratne širitve v nove države. Postali smo še boljši v svoji misiji pomagati strankam na nihovi misiji iskanja cenovnih in časovnih prihrankov pri IT nabavi. Vel...


Markit Srbija je odprl svoja vrata 
Z vključitvijo Srbije v seznam podprtih držav s strani Markit, bo veliko obstoječih strank lahko svojo nabavo IT opreme še dodatno optimiziralo. Podružnica se nahaja v glavnem mestu, Beogradu. 


The IT Procurement Savings Trap – Report from Procurement Leaders APAC Congress 2019 
We’ve been banging the value creation drum for over a decade now, since 2003 to be precise and it’s not only us. Steve Hrubala, chief property & procurement officer at the National Australia Bank Group, is one of a number of procurement ...


Companies Are Taking a Step-by-Step Approach to Digitising IT Procurement 
At Markit we are seeing growing interest from large international companies who want or need to save time and money on their IT purchasing requirements and processes. Indeed, most companies have, or should have by now, some form of digit...


Saudi Telecom Company Win Procurement Leaders APAC External Collaboration Award 2019 
Congratulations to Saudi Telecom Company’s procurement team! In Singapore last week, Saudi Telecom Company’s (STC), lead by Head of Technology Procurement, Hani AlSaigh beat off strong competition to win the Asia Pacific Procurement Exte...


Productivity as a Competitive Advantage 
Markit CEO, Andres Agasild recently spoke at SEB’s Baltic CFO Forum 2019 about productivity as a competitive advantage. The Forum is a good example of SEB’s Mission in action. 


Are EMEA Procurement Leaders (Still) Lacking Support?
Based on findings from recent surveys we have to ask... Are some EMEA procurement professionals not feeling as supported, as they would like to be, by executives within their own companies? Is so, we empathise with them, procurement is a...


From USA to China – Markit's Global Reach 
Let’s face it, China and USA are huge. Huge markets and logistically challenging too due to the massive distances involved. Even though we have experience of setting up operations in 33 countries already, China and USA are special cases ...


Corporate Immune Systems are Stifling Innovation in Procurement  
“The Three Markiteers” went to London - our Italian and French Country Managers Giorgio Luciani and Steve Barraud plus Head of Sales, Margus Vahemäe - where Markit participated as a showcase partner at Procurement Leaders’, Data Intellig...


Markit Leads the IT Procurement Discussion in Poland
Jon Kolasinski, Country Manager at Markit Poland led a round table discussion focusing on global trends in IT procurement at Poland’s largest procurement event, Procon/Polsak 2019. 


Markit Wins Gold Key Award in Norway 
“The award for this year's business transformer goes to a reseller who has so far been the largest in IT, but who now wants to take a bigger role in telecoms. Markit is a solid reseller that delivers very good results and has won great t...


Inch by Inch, the CPO Transforms - Digitally 
CPOs who want to lead their companies on an ambitious, disruptive and profitable journey would be wise to start in areas where gains are easily demonstrated and to collaborate with an experienced partner. 


Industry Opinion: How Should CPOs and CIOs Evaluate Enterprise Solutions? 
A recent article on CPO Rising by Andrew Bartolini & Matthew York of Ardent Partners talks about reviewing enterprise technology and we take that to include reviewing possible IT purchasing solutions.


Markit & Sogefi Claim Top Spot at CIO Conference 
Markit’s message describing how international companies can reduce their total cost of IT purchasing went down very well at the CIO event “"The DSI, from cost killer to FinOps - Optimize budgets and service levels" in Paris last week


Markit Expansion Plans: Brazil, India, Indonesia and Serbia Next 
Looking at the interactive map below you can see Markit is active in 33 countries where we fulfil the IT purchasing requirements of 8000+ international clients, including 20%+ of the Global Forbes 2000.


Markit Partners with the Data Intelligence & Technology Forum 2019 in London 
Join us in London at the Procurement Leaders, Data Intelligence & Technology Forum 6-7 November and save 15% off the registration fee with VIP code DIT19MK.  


Markit Fully Compliant with SCA Requirements 
As of September 14, 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, part of the revised EU Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations, mandate that additional authentication measures be performed on applicable online ...


Transparent IT Purchasing: From Data to Insights to Action and Results 
The ideal indirect IT purchasing solution incorporates various transparency components.


Asia Pacific Procurement Awards 2019 Shortlist 
We are happy to announce that Markit is supporting the Asia Pacific Procurement Awards again for second year running!


Digital Procurement Reports 2018-9
We read a lot of digital and IT procurement reports, white papers etc. It’s important to keep up with the trends in IT purchasing. To save you some time here are some of the key take outs from 3 important 2018/9 reports based on surveys ...


Innovation and Value in Digital Procurement 
According to The Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2018 (504 procurement leaders from 39 countries took part, representing organisations with a combined annual turnover of $USD5.5 trillion.) a clear shift in procurement fo...


Why E-auctions Fail for International IT Hardware and Accessories Purchasing 
Reverse auctions in B2B purchasing are on the rise, there’s no denying that.  There is an important role for reverse auctions for some products and circumstances, but not for IT hardware and accessories. 


Understanding Maverick Spending in IT Purchasing & Procurement 
Based on client feedback, and data analysis of indirect IT procurement spending, by 1000+ companies over the past 10 years, Markit has identified the causes and trends in maverick IT spending.


Markit 2018 Performance Results and Future Outlook 
After another successful year of significant and profitable growth we reached and surpassed and important target in 2018 - completing a vision we held for 10 years! 100 million euros revenue with 100 people. By the end of the year revenu...


Markit global HQ is moving in 2020 to Porto Franco Tallinn
Porto Franco and Markit Holding AS signed an agreement for the new office of Markit to be located in Porto Franco. It will be opened in the autumn of 2020, when the construction of the centre is completed. Markit moves to Porto Franco to...


Markit IT Purchasing Solution Now Available in Mexico
Our international expansion continues to Mexico as we seek to increase our North American footprint and serve the demand from our growing base of Forbes Global 2000 clients.  


IT Purchasing Just Got Easier. Faster. More Efficient. 
Just because Markit is already trusted both by a growing number of Fortune 500 / Forbes Global 2000 companies in 33 countries doesn’t mean we can’t improve.  


Markit APAC Expansion Brings Transparent IT Procurement to Singapore & Australia  
Q4 2018 marked Markit’s first steps into the APAC region with openings first in Singapore (November) and then Australia (December). 


Hello, Canada!
We are extremely happy to announce that since November 2017 Markit has opened it’s service to the customers in Canada. ​As a country number 30 on Markit global coverage list this is another step to give our growing list of international...


Strong results for Markit in 2016
In 2016 Markit had another strong financial year. The organic revenue growth was a record-breaking 16 million euros year-on-year from 63,4 in 2015 to 79,4 in 2016 with net profit close to 500K EUR for the period. This represents 25% grow...


Merhaba Türkiye!
Stepping to the new territories as in the past years Markit expansion has mainly focused on EU but we have now also added Turkey to the growing list of countries for Markit customers.   Markit Turkey opened in October 2016 and is a count...


Ambient Sound Investments exits Markit through MBO while management gains majority in the company
Markit management and the first round investor Helmes have completed a buyout deal to acquire the shares of Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) in Markit Holding AS. As a result the founders and key employees re-gain the majority shareholdin...


Markit je z nakupom 51% deleža podjetja ePartner a.s. postal prva izbira nabavnikov mednardonih podjetij na Norveškem
JAVNA OBJAVA Markit je združil moči s podjetjem ePartner, vodilno B2B IT e-nabavno platformo na Norveškem. Podjetje Markit je odkupilo 51% podjetja in tako postalo večinski lastnik. Kombinacija lokalne moči podjetja ePartner in mednarod...


Markit sodeluje že z več kot 5% podjetij s seznama Fortune 500
Študija izvedena v letu 2015 je pokazala, da je naša IT e-nabavna platforma v uporabi pri 27 podjetjih s seznama Fortune 500. Vizija, postati najboljša nabavna platforma za IT opremo za mednarodna podjetja, se uresničuje.


Markit dosegel odlične rezultate v letu 2015
Organska rast poslovanja je znašala 11.6 milijona EUR, od 51 do 62.6 milijona EUR kar predstavlja kar 22% letno rast poslovanja. Uspeli smo prikazati dobiček v  vrednosti 400 000 EUR.


NOËP se je predstavil v Varšavi
Estonska senzacija elektronske dance glasbe, NOËP, se je Varšavi predstavil v sklopu Markit Summit 2016. Prizorišče je bilo zares izjemno – v šotoru na strehi 32 nadstopnega nebotičnika. Seveda... T.i originalni neotesanec, visoko zgoraj...


Ekipa Markit na Summit 2016 srečanju v Varšavi
Naše letno Summit srečanje je najpomembnejše srečanje sodelavcev, ki ga organiziramo, Namenjno najavi novih korakov podjetja, pregled trenutnega stanja, deljenje nove drzne vizije, proslavljanje uspehov in učenja iz napak, hkrati pa se n...