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New Markit Spain Office Opens in Barcelona 


To meet increasing demand for time and cost saving IT purchasing solutions in Spain, Markit Spain has opened a new office at C/Vilamarí, 110-112 PB2 in the heart of Barcelona. 

“This era of constant change is creating new ways of doing business. It is affecting how we deal with friends and family too although technology advances are positively enabling closer connection. Combining hybrid remote working spaces with our new office in central Barcelona creates a flexible, motivating, comfortable and secure work environment for our team. Focusing on the well-being of Spanish Markiteers positively impacts their personal lives and increases our ability to sustainably deliver time and money savings to our clients in more innovative ways. Our custom-designed, open plan office includes a private meeting room and outside terrace.” 

Miguel A. Fernández, Country Manager at Markit Spain 
+34 932523015

Markit clients in 35 countries, including all of Europe are served by an efficient, passionate and committed team of over 130 Markiteers worldwide. Markit Spain is now one of 18 that have dedicated offices. Another 17 countries are served centrally in their local languages by country managers and customer services teams based at Markit HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. 

"The way our expansion plan develops is first to identify the countries that best suit the needs of our growing client base. Then we establish a legal entity there, form relationships and contracts with the key IT distributors in those markets so we can offer 80%+ of the available IT products from that country through our multilingual online marketplace. The next step is to build up the local team of experts and client base. Once the team is in place and the number of clients in that country reaches a certain level, we open a manned office to better serve our clients and to facilitate further growth." Kairo Alloja, Head of Expansion at Markit 

The next new Markit offices being developed are in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Markit HQ is moving to a new office in Porto Franco, Tallinn, Estonia (re-scheduled to open Q1 2021).