Over 5 million unique products in IT and communication categories make Markit one of the largest IT marketplaces in the world today.

Millions of daily updates of price and availability info from the most elite European and USA IT distribution warehouses is matched with extensive technical descriptions by 1WorldSync.

On top of the local IT distributors there is additional choice and competition from neighbouring countries and specialised international distributors with cross-border deliveries. 

We bring you three types of advanced search tools to help you find what is needed or to surf around to get new ideas: smart text search across the full catalogue; the product selectors for matching options, cables, consumables and spare parts; and parametric search filters in all categories to filter out the exact solution.

For repeat orders and standardising needs of a company the catalogue is equipped with a comprehensive Favourite List tool that works on personal, company and company group levels.

Product Selectors and Buying guides

Finding the right spare parts, accessories or upgrades can be a tedious job. To help you find the right products without too much expertise or experience we have built several product selectors and buying guides on top of the Markit catalogue.

These tools help to find the right memory or power options for any computer, select just the right cable quickly and without a degree in computer engineering and choosing just the right consumables for your printers with just couple of clicks. 

Parametric Search

Each product category is equipped with category specific list of filters to quickly zoom in from thousands of products to those hundreds or tens that match your specific criteria. For most popular categories there can be over 30 searchable attributes - we have made a default choice of the 8-10 most common ones. Every user can also customise the parametric search tool and add or remove attributes to their liking – and of course those searches can be saved for quick access in the future.

The parametric search is enabled by in-depth categorised and standardised technical data by 1WorldSync on hundreds of thousands of products.

Smart Text Search

With text search we have taken the most popular concept one step further. Just start typing some keyword or part of product name, category name or brand and the search box will expand to offer quick access to right parts of the catalog or directly to popular products matching your keywords.

Brand-in-category suggestions will take you to the right category with pre-set filters based on your keyword. All in the name of making your search faster and easier.

Favourite list

All of your orders are not unique in every detail - often times you are ordering same or similar products and should not need to start with the search again. For this you can create company or group wide Favourite lists of your standard items to make them easier and faster to locate. Perhaps you want to delegate IT ordering activities to people with little or none IT purchasing expertise.

Use Favourite lists in combination with Buyer Restrictions and it can be a simple yet powerful way to standardise on short list of goods and equipment and delegate ordering activity at the same time.