One big benefit of deploying a single system for most orders and over multiple companies is getting better and more thorough purchasing data. In addition to simple standard set like spend by brands, categories and quantities Markit can also build reports about delivery quality, service quality as well as savings reports.

Your data is yours - you can always export the order history in standard formats. 

Savings Report 

Most products in Markit catalogue have more than one distributor source and the difference between these options can be calculated how much you save on each order.

The savings report quantifies this difference for every order line and counts total savings against market price. 

Activity Report

Graphical view on monthly order volumes, order counts and active users over all or any of the companies associated. This can be useful as a quick view into how much your organisation is using Markit for IT purchasing. 

Order history & export

Every order ever made in Markit under any associated company can be searched and found years later by any keyword (part number, product name, brand, category, PO, purchaser, delivery address) in the order history view. The same data is also exportable to Excel for further analyses and pivot table reports.

Often times customers inform us that their internal ERP systems are not capable of bringing out relevant data about IT purchases easily or not at all. Opex and capex yes - but what brands you buy, in which categories, how much and how often? These questions are all easy to answer with Markit order history.