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About Markit

Markit was born in Tallinn, Estonia. We started with the drive of the founders to change IT purchasing forever - to make it simple, transparent, open and efficient.

Starting off in 2003 the company quickly established itself as a regional market leader in the Baltics for B2B IT purchasing. The idea was simple – provide companies with a service that would enable direct purchasing of IT products from the distributors.

Previously the usual model for acquiring IT products meant asking multiple quotes from re-sellers or announcing a tender with a process that took months to pursue. At the same time the commoditisation of IT products had fast begun and Markit was marshalling the change. Purchase what you need - when you need it, with a market price, direct from distributors – and do it online.

In 2006 the company raised a round of capital from Ambient Sound Investments ( - the investment company of the four founding engineers of Skype. Markit was one of ASI first major investments and the 2 million EUR cash injection was aimed at helping Markit with its global vision to create a pan-European online IT purchasing system which provides central ordering with local delivery.

​Markit revenue growth for more than ten years has been on average +22% every year and +33% annually since foundation in 2003. 

In 2018 the company posted for the first time an annual revenue of over 100 million euros making it the strongest growth in history and also completing a long term vision of reaching 100 million euros revenue with 100 people.

With more than 180 000 orders in 2018 across 34 countries Markit is a leading IT procurement solution for companies.

As we take on the world the focus of the company has remained the same – make IT purchasing simple, transparent, open and efficient. In 2018 we started APAC region expansion with Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, in 2019 we have covered North-America by opening in Mexico. South-America is next on our list to cover all regions of the world and continue to offer a valuable service to the ever-growing list of international companies that are trusting and using Markit as their go-to tool for IT purchasing. We help them to save time and money.