Use our calculator to anonymously measure and benchmark the speed and financial cost of your sourcing & purchasing of IT hardware and accessories.

Calculate the time spent and total labour cost in euros of your approved manual and maverick processes.
Compare your timings with independently researched averages.
Compare and discover how much time you could save per year by using Markit as part of your P2P process.

This calculator includes data estimates and general research from verified independent sources.
The results may not reflect your organisations specific situation and current needs - i​​​​​t is offered as a guide not a financial analytics tool.

​​​​​​​In this special report by Markit you will discover:

  1. Evidence and professional opinions on the strategic, notional and real financial values of saving time in indirect procurement.

  2. Detailed suggestions how you can significantly reduce the time spent on your indirect IT sourcing and purchasing processes.
  3. Calculator methodology and data sources.