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A Day of Green Impact: Markit Forest planted in Poland


On a spirited day in April 2024, in Poland, a remarkable environmental initiative took place, bringing together community, collaboration, and commitment to nature. Over 50 people, including clients, partners, and Marketeers, joined hands under the guidance of the unique foundation, Las Na Zawsze Our mission was clear and commendable: to plant about 2000 seedlings, transforming 10,000 m2 of land into future thriving forest to grow forever.  

Las Na Zawsze, which translates to "Forest Forever", is an NGO dedicated to ecological restoration and conservation. Their approach is twofold: protecting mature, existing forest ecosystems of high natural value and creating new biodiverse deciduous forests. By returning the land to nature, they aim to foster biodiversity and sustain ecological balance.

What sets Las Na Zawsze apart is their heartfelt dedication to nature conservation. They prioritize authenticity in their actions, focusing on creating ecosystems rather than conquering lands. Their activities are designed to not only restore but also respect the natural environment, opening up opportunities for people to connect with nature.

As one often says, “We sow the joy that comes from doing good." This feeling was palpable throughout the event, as every participant left with a sense of accomplishment and connection to the Earth.

The Markit Trees Event is a testament to what can be achieved when organizations and individuals come together for a common cause. It exemplifies how business-social partnerships can lead to substantial environmental impact and foster a culture of sustainability. As these new seedlings grow, they will stand as a living legacy of the efforts made that day, ensuring that the benefits of this event will be felt for generations to come.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the efforts of foundations like Las Na Zawsze. Engage with us in upcoming events, or learn how you can contribute to environmental conservation in your community. Together, we can ensure that initiatives like this continue to flourish and make a difference. 

Check the Las Na Zawsze LinkedIN post about the Markit Forest event​​​​​​​