All of our customers
​have their unique stories

Working with some of the biggest names in 33 countries

There are some amazing customers that are using Markit to solve their IT purchasing needs 

in a simple and transparent way. Here are just few of them.

"Markit gives us a single, simple and transparent, cross-border Danfoss IT purchasing system.

Markit has consistently impressed us with their long-term business view, flexibility, quality of service and, most importantly, their ability to repeatedly deliver cost savings."

"Markit exists in all the countries where Monier needs its service. Excellent user interface - very complete and understandable. Good logistics and invoicing routines - fully automated. Helpful account managers are available when needing help."

"The standard Markit web-system comes with many advanced features in order to provide the buyer with a rich yet user friendly experience.

However, due to our organizational structure Rezidor had some specific requirements to adjust the systems’ experience.

We discussed the options with Markit's development department who embraced our business needs and implemented the changes in just a matter of hours."

Markit is a professional tool for people like me - people who need to work efficiently

"In the beginning I was afraid Markit is an e-shop. Now I have to say it is very far from an e-shop.

Markit is a professional tool for people like me, who need to work efficiently, having overview of all the IT purchases within the company, managing deliveries to different locations and still being sure, that even the price is right."

"Above all we like the fast delivery of goods - this is the most important issue for us.

The web experience is excellent and the prices are competitive, too."

"We are very busy and that’s why we like to use Markit system as we can make purchases conveniently and fast.

I also like the price comparison over many suppliers - that way my IT expenses are reduced."

"Markit IT purchasing system feels as though it has been designed for our needs. Our fast, global expansion means that we value delivery speed and accuracy, spend visibility and an efficient system, common to all countries, that can be handled by a few people. Markit delivers just that."

Markit is one of the best vendor selections we’ve ever made

“We were able to reduce number of vendors only to Markit, which lead to real simplification and great effectiveness of HW procuring. 

Moreover, through Markit, we are able to purchase goods which are globally contracted in case of missing direct business model with the manufacturer here in Czech, for example Lenovo, where we purchase through Markit globally contracted developer Lenovo notebooks, following all the contracted terms and conditions. 

We also integrated Markit catalogue into our procurement system, Ariba – Punchout catalogue. This was another step how we simplified purchasing process.

From my experience from our cooperation for past five years, I have to say that this is one of the best vendor selection in this respective area we’ve ever made.”