Every order ends up as an invoice in your accounts payable team at some point, best make sure they come in on time, with all the right comments and in the format most easily processed.

E-invoicing is becoming more popular among companies who wish to save costs and automate routines – for that Markit supports most common EDI standards and delivery methods.

Leasing and renting agreements can also be integrated into the billing process. No matter which company or companies you use for lease & rent, these contracts can be implemented into the smooth ordering process and will have the same visibility as all your direct transactions. 

Consolidated Invoices

Chasing down a department head or yet another budget holder to sign off on a 50EUR invoice is a waste of time for all parties involved.

With Markit you can get all of your IT orders to be invoiced either weekly or monthly thus dramatically reducing the number invoices your company has to process in this category.

Invoice consolidation does not need to be all inclusive - you can well decide to consolidate or not by expense type (opex vs capex).

LeasIng and Rental

Markit is not a rental or leasing company but we work with many local and international operators to provide a seamless experience in the process.

The order process and order history for straight purchased and leased assets stays the same. Customers with active lease & rent agreements can choose at order confirmation step if they would like buy or rent the bill of goods. If rent is chosen, then billing will be automatically handled by the rental company of customer’s choice. 

E-Invoices and EDI

Markit is integrated with Basware - one of the industry leaders in purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions. Setting up and testing the electronic invoice process with customers takes only a few minutes -  all that is needed is customer’s EDI receiver code and orders that are not invoiced yet.

Based on research e-invoices cut administrative costs up to 90% and if your Accounts Payable organisation has e-invoice capabilities it is most likely worth to implement it with Markit too.