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Markit's international partners include over 350 IT distributors and thousands of vendors.  

​​​​​​​Helping our clients save money and reduce their IT procurement process times would not be possible without our valued IT vendor and distribution partners. Partners also help us create and maintain the world’s largest online indirect IT marketplace & purchasing solution used by hundreds of multinationals across 6 continents.  

Enjoy these success stories showing how our industry relationships deliver real, measurable value to our clients.

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"Markit’s unique position as an Amplify International Partner enables it to deliver competitive global pricing to international companies at a local level in 30+ countries.
Our collaboration with Markit has lasted more than 20 years and we are confident that HP’s values are extended through their service to our mutual clients and that our collaboration grows continuously in strength and mutual importance.”

Sven Rathjen, Vice President Global Channel Partner Sales at HP

HP Partner Success Story: Read how Markit & HP serve international companies with global pricing on a local level in 5 continents.

“It’s vitally important that our clients have an excellent purchasing experience. We work hard to ensure they receive our products quickly - backed by strong service level agreements. Markit is one of the few companies who can help satisfy our clients in this way, on a global scale.” 

Vilja Kolehmainen, Pan-EMEA Channel Sales Manager at Jabra

​​​​​​​Jabra Partner Success Story: Read how Jabra has become the biggest selling accessory brand available through Markit with client demand growing 500% over 5 years.

“The Lenovo-Markit relationship has been, and is, successful and continues to grow in reach and strength.
What especially stands out is the flexibility that Markit has shown towards incorporating global agreements and solving international supply challenges for key Lenovo clients.” 

Javier Alvarez Cano, Director, Channel Management & Sales Strategy at Lenovo EMEA

Lenovo Partner Success Story: Read how Markit and Lenovo's partnership and an open-minded approach to value creation helped deliver €280M of Lenovo products to more than 12,000 companies in 40 countries. 


“AB has grown significantly in size and reach over the past 15 years that we have been working with Markit.

We understand each other well, and our mutual teams have developed a seamless and efficient way of working that consistently delivers speed and value to Markit clients throughout the CEE region and beyond.”

Andrzej Przybyło, President of the Management Board at AB SA

AB Partner Success Story: Read how the Markit/AB 15 year relationship has deepened over the past 5 years to produce a growing volume of trade due to AB’s ability to meet Markit clients’ needs.

“Markit has demonstrated 15+ years of commitment to our partnership.

Their business model means they never go direct to the vendor – all business goes through distributor partners plus they replicate, and give full real-time exposure, to our entire stock to thousands of international IT buyers.” 

Tarmo Niineste, Chief Customer Officer at ALSO Eesti OÜ 

ALSO Partner Success Story: Read how the Markit/ALSO 16-year partnership has distributed 234 million euros of IT products across Europe

“Markit is an excellent example of the kind of partner we enjoy working with.

Their commitment to global growth with integrity, to serve their clients’ IT requirements mean they need agile, ambitious and reliable partners with a global presence.” 

David Dupuy, Senior Manager Export Channel at Ingram Micro Distribution 

Ingram Micro Partner Success Story: Read how Markit and Ingram Micro have delivered more than 750,000 IT products (across 50,000 SKUs) to over 12,000 companies in 31 countries. ​​​​​​​

“Although our business share with Markit is biggest within computer peripherals and accessories, we have, on numerous occasions, successfully helped Markit’s clients across Europe equip their Point of Sale, network and PRO-AV projects, by providing support on prices, stock availability and product knowledge. As our footprint and portfolio continues to expand, we look forward to helping Markit clients for another 10 years – at least!”

Viktoria Kutstova-Tõnismäe, Managing Director at EET International

Read how EET's wide range of niche IT accessories have added value for Markit clients internationally for over 10 years.

“Doing business with Markit is clean, streamlined processes we have developed together mean Microline is fast and precise in supplying information and goods to meet behind the Markit-Microline relationship and we look forward to developing even more mutual business growth opportunities in the Croatian market in the future.” 

Zorica Trupka, Sales & Purchasing Manager at Microline

Microline Partner Success Story: Read how a visionary attitude and excellent partnerships skills helped Microline, a regional IT distributor develop great business potential with Markit in Croatia and beyond.


“1WorldSync’s technology reduces the cost of implementing and maintaining Markit’s IT product data quality through their Product Information Management system, establishing validated and up to date- product information.

It’s very rewarding to see our global IT partner Markit fully leverage 1WorldSync’s product management and syndication services. We are proud of our role in supplying data, for over a decade, that further engenders trust between Markit and their multinational client base.”

Bruno Bourbon, Senior Sales Director at 1WorldSync

1WORLDSYNC Partner Success Story: Read how Markit and 1WS are enabling confident IT product procurement decisions.

“We are really grateful for Markit’s donation of 1,300 trees and the 150 people to plant them! The Markit employees not only planted them all in one day but also learnt more about reforestation and the Markitrees’ positive impact on our environment.

The Markitrees project is impressive and hopefully an inspiration to other companies to do something similar.”

Sven Glück, Ahrweiler Forest District Manager

Markitrees: A Kindness-in-Action Success Story: Read how Markit and Ahrweiler Forestry Office made a positive enviromental impact in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany


“We have to say that the experience with Markit was one of our highlights with volunteers, and we are extremely glad and thankful that you are supporting us and Ukraine with such helpful actions.
Markit not only contributed with a generous financial donation, but also supported by physically helping in our warehouse to sort and pack the purchased goods. 
This was indeed a call to action which showed us how involved people can be, how the common goal for a good deed can bring people together and show the solidarity in action.”

Julia Chenusha,  Vice Chairwoman, Blau-Gelbes Kreuz e.V.

HELPING UKRAINE SUCCEED​​​​​​​ Be inspired by the Blau-Gelbes Kreuz e.V. and Markit story and help Ukraine succeed.

Is your partnership with Markit the next success story?

Our growing international network of partners is critical to our long-term success and our ongoing efforts to help more international companies succeed in saving time and money on their IT purchasing requirements. 

Only through partnering with the strongest, most reliable, and ethical companies will sustainable and profitable growth be achievable for us, our partners, and our clients. 

If you are a leading IT vendor, distributor or procurement platform but don’t already do business with Markit, then get in touch with Kairo Alloja, Head of Vendor Relations at kairo.alloja@markit.ee and let's talk.