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​​​​​​​SUMMARY REPORT: Markit Forum 2023
​​​​​​​International IT procurement event


​​​​​​​Feedback has been great for Markit Forum 2023, a hybrid IT procurement event that was held live in Warsaw, Poland and Tallinn, Estonia and online on the 14th of March.

Markit Forum was opened with keynote from Margus Vahemäe, Head of Global Accounts at Markit who outlined Markit's continued strong growth and success in helping clients save time and money on their procurement of IT hardware and accessories in 41 countries; our sustainability credentials; and plans for further expansion across 6 continents.

Approximately 400 procurement professionals from over 35 countries attended the free annual event, and many more, who were unable to attend, have requested access to the materials when they become available. 

A set of 6 compelling and insightful IT procurement stories were shared by senior IT and procurement executives from leading multinational companies: Danone, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Cabot, Hurtigruten, CBRE, and Zoetis.

Topics covered a diverse range of topics relevant to international companies seeking to optimise their procurement of IT hardware and accessories. 

  • User Independence in The Purchasing Process by Karolina Tojak, IT Support Specialist PNB at Danone
  • Overcoming Challenges of the Centralised Global Partner Model in IT Procurement by Damian Krawczyk, IT Manager at Boston Consulting Group
  • Gaining Control Over CAPEX / OPEX Expenditure in IT Procurement by Robert Maliszewski at Head of CEE FTS IT at CBRE
  • IT Procurement in a Digital Model and the Benefits of Punchout by George Bakker, Buyer Manager at Cabot
  • Vendor Relations in the Everchanging Landscape of IT Procurement by Tomasz Cichocki, Senior Manager Client Productivity Services at Zoetis
  • Steering the Procurement from Local to Global in a 130 Year Old Cruise Tourism Company by Tom Arild Trosterud, Head Of Group Procurement at Hurtigruten

In a future report we will dive into the key points and take outs from our clients’ excellent IT procurement presentations, and share the presentations & recording for which we have permission.

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Special thanks are due to to all the presenters and delegates who attended in person.

Also a big shout out to the technical teams at Markit and partners in Tallinn and Warsaw for putting on an outstanding broadcast that went without a hitch.

Markit Forum 2023 was supported by Jabra.