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Milestone: 4 million unique IT products now available from the Markit IT marketplace


Thanks to further integration of leading international IT distributors in 37 countries, our global clients now have access to over 4 million IT products (unique SKUs) from the Markit IT marketplace. 

Almost 14 million price offers are available at any given moment (an average of approximately 4 offers per product) … plus there are approximately 4 million price updates per day! 

Our multinational clients with operations in multiple continents need a wide range of choice, and real time comparable price offers, when it comes to selecting the most appropriate IT hardware and accessories for their regional and national teams.

The range of features, speed & performance, storage/screen sizes, device mobility, and of course budget are just some of the key factors that often must be considered. 


  1. Headphones (Top seller: Jabra Evolve 20
  2. Mice (Top Seller: Logitech B100
  3. Computer Monitors 
  4. HDMI Cables 
  5. Notebooks 
  6. Keyboards 
  7. Flash Drives 
  8. USB Cables 
  9. Notebook Carrying Cases 
  10. Notebook Docking Stations 

Markit clients can quickly find the exact products they need thanks to powerful parametric, smart, and eco-filter search tools which are essential to save the optimal amount of time on IT device buying processes. 


Among the top 10 selling products are 5 different models of headsets. Remote working has led to an increase in variety demand as individual workers have personal device and accessory preferences which some companies are willing to meet.