Todos os nossos clientes têm histórias únicas

Trabalhamos com alguns dos maiores nomes de 45 países e ajudamo-los a ENCONTRAR O PRO EM PROCURA DE TI

Temos clientes fantásticos a usar a Markit para resolver as suas necessidades de compras de TI, de uma forma simples e transparente.

Aqui estão alguns deles. 

“A Markit dá-nos um sistema de compra de TI para a Danfoss que é simples, transparente e ultrapassa fronteiras.

A Markit tem nos impressionado constantemente com a sua visão de negócios a longo termo, flexibilidade, qualidade de serviço e, mais importante, a habilidade de garantir poupanças de custos”

Claus Mikkelsen, Global Category Manager ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“Thanks to our decisions to choose Markit as our sole IT accessory supplier, and integrate their customizable catalogue with Coupa, we have achieved many of our set goals. There have been notable purchase process time savings and cost savings."

Karolina Tojak, IT Support Specialist PBN, Danone

Danone Success Story: Read how Danone achieved 29% cost savings and reduced open IT purchasing tickets by 70%.

“Saving time to allow Alantra management to focus on higher business priorities has been our number one achievement. For us, Markit is a welcome new disruptive platform for IT hardware and software purchases and process optimization which has allowed us to extend our collaboration to a growing number of Alantra countries.”

“Collaborating with Markit has helped us to identify and buy more eco-certified products which help reduce energy usage. Additionally, our IT and procurement teams have successfully worked with Markit & Lenovo to offset 200,000 tonnes of CO2.”

“Before Markit we faced several IT procurement, and purchasing, issues that were ultimately frustrating our employees, but we managed to convert those frustrations into employee satisfaction.”

“Markit’s ongoing commitment to transparency through its open margin policy and quarterly savings reports allows me to easily identify and report the financial value of our partnership.”

“Fortunately, with our main IT supplier Markit, we not only get competitive prices and volume discounts but also key hardware and accessories, held in buffer stock for when we need proactive account management. This has been particularly important during the Covid-19 crisis.” 

Markit is an invaluable tool, backed by a really helpful team, who are rarely needed.

With them we have cut supplier handling time, product price comparison and purchasing time to get 68% faster deliveries and can order 24/7. Exactly what we need – speed of service that matches our speed of growth.” 

"With Revolut’s proven market success and continuous expansion, it is essential that our IT supplier can match our fast-growing international footprint. Everything must run smoothly & efficiently, and with flexibility when required. Markit’s centralised purchasing, with local delivery & invoicing and special pricing for DELL and APPLE products have proven to save us both time and money on our growing IT hardware and accessory requirements."

"O sistema de compras de TI da Markit parece ter sido desenhado para as nossas necessidades específicas. A nossa expansão global rápida implica que damos valor à velocidade e precisão da entrega, visibilidade dos gastos e a um sistema eficiente, comum a todos os países, que possa ser usado por apenas um par de pessoas. É precisamente o que temos com a Markit“.

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