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IT Sourcing - Performance with Sustainability 


From the start of 2020, Markit now provides seven environmental filters in the Markit IT catalogue to serve the growing demand from international companies who are working towards making their supply chains more sustainable and eco-friendlier by purchasing quality IT hardware and accessories that meet internationally recognised environmental standards. 

Firstly, we identified and integrated eco labels, such as EPA’s ENERGY STAR and the comprehensive TCO Certified, which allow our clients to make more informed, “greener” choices about the IT hardware and accessories where appropriate.

Following on from local-to-local delivery in 34 countries, real time price and delivery comparisons, basket optimisation and supplier consolidation this is our next step in helping IT procurement go greener


9500+ Markit clients in 34 countries can now quickly and easily find, compare and buy over 25,000 environmentally rated IT hardware and accessories in 80 product categories.

The actual number available in each country varies according to local availability. The main IT categories are Computers, Servers & Tablets, Displays & Projectors, Printers & Scanners , Storage & Memory,  Audio & Video & TV and various other Components & Accessories. 

Environmental Standards & Ratings Filters Used in Markit’s Catalogue 

TCO Certified is the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products. It is available for 11 product categories: displays, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, all-in-one PCs, projectors, headsets, network equipment, data storage products and servers. Compliance is independently verified, both pre and post certification.​​​​​​​

TCO Certified is all about independent verification of compliance and therefore can be considered to carry more weight than some other accreditations. It's important to note that TCO does not endorse or recommend any third party suppliers, and rightly so however we asked Dmytro Kapotia, Market Developer at TCO Development what they thought of our kind of initiative. 

Dmytro said, "We encourage IT vendors to offer platforms where purchasers can search for products that are certified according to TCO Certified. Making informed product choices helps IT procuring organizations more effectively meet their sustainability targets for both environmental and supply chain responsibility."

ENERGY STAR® is a USA government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible, and unbiased information. Businesses can make well-informed decisions on the energy saving potential of Energy Star rated IT devices. 

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a method for our clients to evaluate the effect of an IT product on the environment. It assesses various lifecycle environmental aspects of a device and ranks products as Gold, Silver or Bronze based on a set of environmental performance criteria. 

EPEAT is an open registry where producers, after self-evaluation, pay and register their products.

80 Plus (trademarked 80 PLUS) is a voluntary certification program intended to promote efficient energy use in computer power supply units (PSUs). It certifies products that have more than 80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load, and a power factor of 0.9 or greater at 100% load. Such PSUs waste 20% or less electric energy as heat at the specified load levels, reducing electricity use and bills compared to less efficient PSUs.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ( PEFC™) are the key certification schemes that are most broadly used when talking about sustainable paper products.

Also a sound emission filter has been added allowing clients to choose projectors and shredders based on emitted noise levels in decibels.