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Assessing IT Marketplace Credibility – 11 Success Stories


As the digital age advances and the pandemic forces more businesses to buy and sell online, more and more companies looking to buy IT hardware and accessories are looking for the optimum solution. As such, IT and other B2B marketplaces, are also coming under closer scrutiny, and rightly so. 

Putting aside the individual feature merits of any online provider over another, one of the key factors that should be heavily considered is how credible the IT marketplace is, and the company behind it. 

To assess an IT marketplace’s credibility, the best way is to listen to the people engaged with it.

What is Credibility? 

Credibility is comprised of two key components: trustworthiness and expertise.

  • Trustworthiness is based more on subjective factors but can include objective measurements such as established reliability. 
  • Expertise can be similarly subjectively perceived, but also includes relatively objective characteristics of the source e.g. track record / demonstration of proof.

It is important to listen to the the chief procurement officers, IT buyers, vendors and distributors are the people who know and can judge the real value to their companies.

What’s their long-term experience?
Are they saving time and money?
Are there demonstrable proofs of savings over a long period of time?
Can the savings be gained across multiple countries and locations?
Can the marketplace support local currencies and local language support?
Are the largest IT vendors and distributors participating in and supportive of the marketplace? 

Markit has been helping international companies succeed in saving time and money on their IT hardware and accessory purchasing since 2003.

This selection of 11 IT procurement success stories from a range of satisfied companies illustrates Markit’s credibility and why they choose to use Markit’s IT marketplace to solve their IT procurement challenges. Read the comments of Danfoss, SEB, Mantu, HP, Lenovo, Ingram Micro and many more ...