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Greentube: How user-centric procurement can drive innovation and influence employee satisfaction 


It is an old saying that employees are a company’s most valuable asset.  

It has been heard many times but it is almost unheard of that this philosophy lies at the core of a company’s IT procurement strategy. 

However, that really is the case at Greentube and if there was an award for innovative procurement at Markit Virtual Forum 2021 then surely Greentube would be favourite to win it. 

“Employee satisfaction.” 

“People first, purchase second.” 

These words lay at the heart of Pradeep Kumar’s Greentube’s Head of IT) presentation - “How user-centric procurement can drive innovation and influence employee satisfaction.”

Paraphrasing his words, here was the story that Pradeep shared: 

When an employee does not have good enough IT kit he is dissatisfied. This leads to frustration and lower than optimum performance. If we are slow in delivering the kit, they need this also causes unhappiness and affects performance. 

So, we decided to listen to the employees (our customers), the developers, designers, and other key personnel – each has their own IT requirements and preferences. 

It is important not to engage everyone too early with choice, this could be overwhelming (when will the process end?) and may result in disappointment if preferences are not met and listening “too late” is not true user/employee centric. 

A balance must be found and therefore, our IT and procurement teams pre-selected a range of the highest quality IT products to narrow the choices or areas for feedback.  

We had multiple vendors, multiple brands, multiple products. We tested with key employees and built a continuous feedback loop which made the employees feel valued because they were involved in procurement and are more motivated to help clients/company. 

Markit was a strong and patient supporting partner in our journey to overcome the obstacles and now are our main IT supplier in Austria, our HQ country. 

When offered a friendly challenge by Anna Sukhyna, Country Manager at Markit Austria, about value over cost and the need for ROI, Pradeep was clear that, in Greentube’s opinion, whilst a company may say reduce costs etc. but employee is their most valuable asset. Their investment is in employee satisfaction and making sure they get what they need (top quality devices)- that is the ROI. 

Would this approach work with larger companies (Greentube has 600 employees)? Pradeep believes it is sustainable for Greentube.

Greentube employees can look forward to the best technology for a long time to come and it is not just that. Greentube, as their name implies, is also committed to being green, something that consumers and employees increasingly value. For example, their data centres use Greentech, and vendor solution are checked for green credentials.

Watch the Greentube presentation on YouTube now.


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