One part of the Total Cost of Purchasing is the unit prices you pay for the goods ordered but also the work and time spent to get to those prices. Markit is built up in a way to ensure optimal prices with low effort for each order - and also for each product on each order.

It starts with the Multi-Vendor catalogue which brings the whole market with transparent competition of distributors to your browser window - followed by the Quantity Browsing view which dynamically recalculates unit prices for larger quantities and with finishing touch by the Basket Optimizer which is the final check that Markit system performs before check-out to make sure the total combination on the order is optimal. Using the tools in Markit will bring you optimal pricing with very low effort every time. 

Multi-vendor Catalog

Markit product catalogue is built up by consolidating feeds from more than 300 leading IT distributors in Europe and USA. This leads to a catalogue where most items are available from more than one source. As a result that makes for a transparent market overview and live competition between multiple brands from multiple delivery channels.We do not play any favourites to anyone - the market competition is yours to see on product level. Millions of price and availability updates every day ensure timely information and optimal choices with no extra effort. 

Quantity Browsing

Economies of scale dictate that it should be cost effective to buy things in higher quantities. Taking into account that costs of pickup and packaging as well as label printing and such are almost equal for one and for ten items the catalogue dynamically changes the unit price for bigger quantities. When you know from the outset that you will need more than one unit of something don’t just keep that information to yourself - you can edit the default quantity and see the effect on unit prices immediately.

Quantity Browsing works especially well with smaller ticket items and accessories but can also have an impact on larger and bulkier products. 

Basket Optimiser

Most products in Markit catalogue are available from more than one source and that is always good for price competition and availability. At the same time making optimal choices on each product line can sometimes lead to sub-optimal total basket calculation - order lines delivered from different distributor warehouses where unit price differences is smaller than the extra costs of shipping and handling is one example. Another is the fact that economies of scale are at work and if more than one order line goes to one warehouse then handling costs per item on warehouse level go down in linear fashion as well.

Basket Optimizer recalculates all possibilities before check-out and notifies the user if there are better combinations available - be it better for price or faster delivery or number of shipments you will always make an informed and optimal decision.

ComparAtive cost analysIs

To maintain an up-to-date product catalogue we execute around two million daily updates on product, price and availability data.

We also record this data so customers can go back in time up to 15 months to compare any IT invoice from another source to the price at Markit at that exact time.

Enter enough data points and you can analyse category spend and potential annual savings for yourself. It is magic.