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ePartner and Markit providing Innovation Norway with IT equipment in 30 million NOK deal


ePartner and Markit have won a contract as a Telering partner for mobile phones, IT, meeting room and network equipment to Innovation Norway.

The contract is valid for two years from 2018-2019, with an opening for a consecutive two years extension.

Benchmark customer

ePartner estimates an overall contract value of NOK 30 millions over the next two years, but CEO Hans Erik Robbestad points out that the exact value is hard to predict since the turnover will depend on Innovation Norway’s demands along the way.

"We are very happy to have won this tender in sharp competition with our competitors. It’s also very inspiring to have a benchmark customer such as Innovation Norway as our customer."

On-going restructuring

Innovation Norway is in the middle of an on-going restructuring, and they are working hard to become more customer oriented, digital and efficient. The organisation has offices in all of Norway’s 19 counties, and ePartner will operate all these locations.

According to the tender ePartner will supply mobile phones, tablets, laptops and accessories – including both meeting room solutions and network equipment.

Entrepreneurs and clusters

Innovation Norway is owned by 51 % by the Norwegian state and 49 % by the Norwegian counties. Their purpose is to serve as the states and the counties instrument to create valuable business development throughout the country, as well as encourage entrepreneurs, business growth and innovative clusters.

Immediate start

"The implementation and deliverance to Innovation Norway will start immediately. Like the rest of our tenders the contract has an option for a two years extension, and our goal is to achieve this. No matter who the customer is, we are determined to make our involvement with utmost care", Robbestad concludes.