Summary of the situation

  1. Current Markit IT hardware and accessories stock levels are high in most countries. 
  2. The Markit team are working from home offices, nothing has changed in our day-to-day operations. 
  3. All Markit systems, country shops and processes are fully operational. 
  4. Local deliveries / drop shipments to client shipping addresses are operating normally and we do not expect serious issues at this moment.  

The disruptive and sometimes devastating impact Covid-19 is having on our families, businesses and the communities in which we live could not be predicted in full, but it is time to face the facts and stand up for each other and be part of the solution. 

At Markit, we are helping our clients succeed in dealing with the IT procurement issues they are facing right now and here is a overview of how we could help you if you find yourself in a similar situation. 


Our slogan “Take the Chasing Out of IT Purchasing” has never been more relevant.

Many companies around the world are facing IT equipment shortages which are hampering their efforts to maintain and develop various critical projects and, on top of that, the rising demand for remote working and collaborative communications equipment is pressurizing the IT supply chain. 

Markit is uniquely positioned to help companies and governments in the 34 countries where we have operations and local language teams working flat out. 


Markit started working remotely one day after the pandemic announcement by WHO. All meetings with colleagues, partners and clients are held through video or telephone conferencing.

As a global e-commerce company using home working and online collaboration processes, tools and systems is nothing new for us. We are not experiencing any significant productivity or client response issues. 
Our IT infrastructure security and marketplace capacity are designed to handle massive spikes in web traffic and orders. We are currently seeing 200-300% increases in some markets. 
Account managers and our client support team are on standby, working overtime, to handle local language enquiries in 34 countries. 
Business risk management and continuity plans have been agreed and implemented. 
All business travel and marketing plans have been suspended to divert resources to client services. 


Markit’s IT hardware and accessory marketplace and IT e-procurement system is integrated with 300+ of the world’s leading IT distributors and offer clients a unique set of sourcing and buying functions.  

  • Through Markit you can in real time, find and buy almost every available IT product in 34 countries. That ability remains, despite Covid-19. 
  • Real time stock level and price data for 3 million unique IT products. 
  • Significant stock levels of in-demand products in most countries (portable computers, headsets, printers, cables, routers and so on.) 
  • Cross border deliveries in Europe when stocks are unavailable in your country. 
  • Distributed delivery to home offices if required (multiple delivery addresses within one order). 
  • Use our Global stock availability search tool and product catalogue to find any product available in Europe.
  • Data and information transparency. 
  • Price maintenance – we are not adding to our prices to capitalise on the situation. 
  • Follow us and receive important updates and alerts via LinkedIn and Twitter 


From the supply side we have promising information from our partners – the world’s largest IT distributors. Shipments of IT equipment are arriving at their warehouses, and work is resuming at many Chinese manufacturing plants. 

There could be some external delays with RMA processes or courier delivery services. We are dealing with these on a case by case basis, and are not currently witnessing or predicting any major problems.

Obviously, we are prioritising existing clients but we still show all available data to any potential new clients, so we strongly advise you place your orders promptly to avoid delivery delays in case of over demand for some popular product lines. 

Shorter payment terms, partial or full prepayment may be required on some orders and will help us to keep the order flow running fast and deal with surges in demand.


The Markit IT marketplace makes it easy to use, to find, compare and buy your IT devices. Automated real-time systems are purring in the background and whilst there is a lack of some products in some countries, there is no shortage internationally. Through Markit you can source and receive products across borders quickly and easily. 9500 companies in 34 countries including 20%+ of the Forbes 2000 use Markit to buy their IT hardware and accessories, so let us please assure you though that we are doing everything we can to help you succeed in these troubling times.

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As we Markiteers say, “All for one and one for all” – it’s time to help each other succeed. 

Best regards 
Your Markit Team