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Markit has opened in Johannesburg, South Africa, to support growing client demand and continue its investment in global expansion. 

Companies based in South Africa, and our multinational clients with operations in South Africa, can now register and buy online immediately at the Markit IT marketplace, which is also available in Afrikaans. We have opened our South Africa catalogue with over 50,000 unique IT products, with many more on the way soon. The fact that we can meet growing client demand for a wide range of IT devices and one day drop shipment in Johannesburg (2 days to other business areas e.g., Cape Town, Durban) means we can help our clients save time and money on their IT purchases from day one.

“Johannesburg is home to many notable South African enterprises, multinational subsidiaries, and fast-growing startups, and is the most developed corporate sector on the African continent. From our operations in South Africa, we will not only be able to serve the local offices and entities of our growing multinational clients, but also be able to deliver into ten neighboring countries. The Markit marketplace integrates global distributors such as Axiz and Tarsus who provide leading IT brands such as HP Inc, Lenovo, Dell and many more.” 

For more information contact:

Lilija Komolenkova, Country Manager at Markit South Africa​​​​​​​

“2022 has been a challenging year no doubt, yet Markit continues to grow both in revenue and in terms of geographic expansion.  Our journey in 2023 will see Markit opening in:

  • APAC: Malaysia & Philippines 
  • EMEA: Luxembourg & Cyprus 
  • LATAM: Chile & Colombia 

Stay tuned for future go-live updates from Markit.” 

For more information contact:

Jasmina Mrkonjić, Head of Expansion at Markit