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Markit’s United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress 2022


In our first UNGC Communication on Progress, we transparently set out where we are, and the road we are travelling on to help make the world a better place, in our own small, but significant ways – Markit style. 

As a relatively small, but fast-growing, international company with 197 employees (October 2022) spread over more than 35 countries, our direct impact goals are focused on the limited areas where we can practically add value and support the UNGC principles and align with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

For additional context, it is important to recognize that Markit is a value-driven company and that Markit’s values are entirely consistent with UNGC principles. 

We are also averse to overt or “excessive” bureaucracy - for this reason, our goals do not include developing cumbersome or restrictive policies or processes that divert us from, or hamper us in delivering, our mission which is to effectively help client organisations successfully save time and money on, and lessen the environmental impact of, their procurement of IT (Information Technology) hardware and accessories. 

However, it is noteworthy that whilst Markit’s size and business scope limits its direct impact potential on SDGs, our potential indirect impact is significant across most of them. Information and communication technology (ICT) influences innovative, integrated, cross-sectoral sustainable development outcomes and has been highlighted by the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development.  

Markit is an enabler of ICT diffusion, at least in terms of providing international organisations with essential IT hardware and accessories which they employ to deliver beneficial solutions and contributions to the SDGs.  

Whilst none of the SDGs speak specifically about technology or “IT hardware and accessories,” ICT clearly underpins every goal. The bottom line is that ICT helps achieve the SDGs. ICT solutions require IT devices for their creation and use. 

Markit supplies these devices globally through a simple and transparent marketplace-as-a-supplier solution which saves buying organisations time and money. 

In 39 countries, with more added each year, Markit enables IT hardware and accessories to be bought faster and cheaper (and with reduced environmental impact compared to normal channels) so the time and money we save them can be focused on more strategic areas and “doing what needs to be done”. 

Value-based actions speak louder than words. 

To read our full Communication on Progress, please visit the United Nations Global Compact website.

The UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) is a voluntary framework for businesses to align their operations and strategies with 10 principles covering human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.