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Financial info

The financial year of 2018 brought another record absolute revenue growth for Markit and continued a very strong growth trend. Revenue grew by 18.4 million euros from 93.4 to 111.8 million euros, which represents 20% growth. In the last four years we have doubled our revenue and grown in total by 50 million euros from 51.0 million in 2014 to 111.8 million in 2018.

Management Report on the latest financial results

In the period between 2013-2018 revenue has grown from 42.5 to 111.8 million euros. The average sales growth has been 21% for the last 5 years and 34% since the founding of the company.

The number of orders grew by 15% from 157,138 in the past year to 179,170 orders in 2018. The number of loyal customers had a growth rate of 10% going from 1,750 in the previous year to 1925. A loyal customer is defined as a company using Markit on a regular basis over a significant period of time.

This year was especially successful for our focus customer segment.  We signed significant new agreements and expanded existing relationships and opened up new regions. For the first time, our customers posted orders in the APAC regions with both Singapore and Australia opening up the new regions.

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority and since 2010 we are measuring it using the internationally recognized methodology of Net Promoter Score. In the first years of measuring the index was at 55 - 75 in different countries and by the end of 2018 it has increased to  between 60 and 85 around the globe. This is an excellent score and on par with the leading international companies.

Andres Agasild
CEO, Markit Holding AS​​​​​​​