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IT Purchasing Just Got Easier. Faster. More Efficient. 


Just because Markit is already trusted both by a growing number of Fortune 500 / Forbes Global 2000 companies in 33 countries doesn’t mean we can’t improve.  

Welcome to M5 ... Step 1 
Listening to our customers and the hard-working purchasing officers who do the day to day work is always enlightening. And we have been listening. As always. It’s how we learn. 
So, we are really pleased to announce that our clients now have access to a significantly improved the user interface. 
We think you will agree it cleaner, more responsive and all in all it’s just a much-improved user experience with easier access to all the powerful Markit tools and functionality to make your purchasing tasks simple, transparent and efficient. 

But we are not stopping there!  In the background we modified the UI framework and architecture. That’s techspeak for saying that future improvements will roll out faster to create an even better purchasing experience. The next improvements on the list include full mobile responsiveness so you can switch from desktop to mobile seamlessly, more data visualisation features and enhanced marketplace transparency. 
We’d love to hear your opinion about the new look and how it works for you. 
Also please let us know if there any improvements you would like to see in the future. 
Contact your account manager or the customer service team.  
Peeter Tamm, Head of Development