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Strong results for Markit in 2016


In 2016 Markit had another strong financial year. The organic revenue growth was a record-breaking 16 million euros year-on-year from 63,4 in 2015 to 79,4 in 2016 with net profit close to 500K EUR for the period. This represents 25% growth in revenue and is on track with the last 10 years average growth of 22%. In total Markit has shown 4X growth in revenue during 2009 – 2016 from 19,2 to 79,4 million EUR.

Our key performance indicators have had also very good developments. Total number of loyal customers grew by 20%. Total order count reached almost 140 thousand for the year and the delivery accuracy was 90%. That means 125 thousand orders where delivered exactly as promised at the time of ordering by our customers. This is an improvement of 3% comparing to the same period last year. In addition, our automation index which measures how many orders are delivered fully automated stood at just over 60% - meaning that almost 80 thousand orders where processed without interference by any Markit employee.

For the year 2017 we are projecting similar range of revenue growth getting us closer to the 100 million EUR mark. We are also looking to establish new markets outside Europe and USA within the next years.