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Markit Serbia is Open for Business 


An important part of the Balkan IT purchasing puzzle has been solved for many Markit clients thanks to the opening of Markit Serbia operations in Belgrade. 

Nicolas Lebègue, Markit’s International Account Manager leading the Serbian operation, points out that whilst Serbia is part of Europe geographically it’s not part of the European Union yet as accession to Europe discussions are ongoing. International companies with operations in Serbia are now able to order IT hardware and accessories with local currency invoicing and local (fast) delivery times – saving considerable time and money, in the same way they do in 32 other countries where Markit has a presence. 

Markit Serbia reduces the need for cross border deliveries and related complex, and time consuming, paperwork and customs requirements. It also supports the Serbian government’s initiative to encourage Serbian companies to “buy in Serbia”. The initiative is also supported by Markit’s key distributor partners in Serbia who welcome Markit’s presence to facilitate intra-Serbian IT procurement. 

To find out more how Markit can save you time and money on IT purchasing in Serbia contact Nicolas Lebègue.