Yenilikler nelerdir?

Markiteers meet in Warsaw for the Summit 2016

 · Margus Pahtma

Markit is a truly international company with operations in 28 and offices in 13 countries. A very important part of our calendar is an annual meeting for the whole company. The full team meets in a all-hands on deck meeting in a different European capital every year. This year it was Warsaw.

Our Annual Summit is the ultimate company meet up. A platform for internal announcement, taking stock of how things stand, sharing new bold visions, celebrating successes and failures and having a bit of fun. Warsaw was no different and as spectacular as ever. And well… big.

As part of a truly Polish welcome straight from the Airport, the team dressed up in traditional costumes form different regions across the Poland. Priceless. And yes that is the new company dress code right there. Bringing back the color!

Best regards from the whole team. Take the chasing out of IT purchasing!