Yenilikler nelerdir?

Markit Wins Gold Key Award in Norway 


“The award for this year's business transformer goes to a reseller who has so far been the largest in IT, but who now wants to take a bigger role in telecoms. Markit is a solid reseller that delivers very good results and has won great tenders.” 

That was the statement given by the judges last week as they announced that Markit Norway had won "Mobile Telephony Business Dealer of the Year" at the Gold Key Awards – Norway's equivalent of the Oscars in the mobile industry. 

“We were up against strong and respected local competitors including ATEA, Techstep and Telia. David v a few Goliaths – and we won! I’m so proud of our team. This award is not just about the great service, fast deliveries and competitive pricing on a huge range of mobile devices that we offer our clients. It’s the result of hard work and I’d like to especially acknowledge Jon, Ketil, Richard and the development team at Markit,” said Hans Erik Robbestad at Markit Norway. 

The jury of 5 distinguished mobile experts (Gøril Bye at Huawei,  Thomas Andersen at Samsung, Børre Ørbæk at Brightstar, Toralf Kvandal at Sony and  Kurt Lekanger at were tasked to identify a corporate reseller who, through systematic and targeted work with their clients, has managed to achieve extraordinary results. The winning candidate was expected to have employees with a strong knowledge of how to use telecoms in a business perspective, good service and a broad product range. 

As part of their assessment, they looked at financial conditions (top and bottom line changes), product selection, available value-added services, as well as an accessory focus ("attachment rate"). It also counted positively if the dealer had a good plan for systematic competence enhancement among his employees, as well as whether the dealer had his own service technicians, response time in case of errors and so on. Finally, they looked at what we can call the X-factor: Has the dealer made any extraordinary efforts to strengthen their position with their clients and partners 

Markit’s mission to help clients succeed in reducing the total cost of their IT purchasing is even more widely known and recognised for its excellence in Norway now.  

Recognition by the Norwegian mobile industry is fantastic, however it’s worth noting that Markit provides corporate IT buyers to access international catalogue of 2.8 million IT products with prices and delivery times updated in real time. This is the real value to manage day to day procurement in both Norway and at a global level. Given the explosion of growth in handheld devices and mobility over the past 5-10 years means, being strong in an area traditionally dominated by the main telecoms companies is also important and very welcome news.

Markit Norway feel proud, and so they should!