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Excellent financial year for Markit in 2015

 · Margus Pahtma

We had a great financial year in 2015. Our organic revenue growth was 11.6 million euros, up from 51 to 62.6 million  which represents a 22% annual growth rate. Our profit doubled from an uncapitalised investment related loss of -400 000 in 2015 to a pre-tax profit of +400 000 EUR in 2015.

Last year was not an exception or a one off regarding our revenue growth. Our revenue has has been growing consistently throughout our 11 year history. The historic yearly sales growth stands at 35% and at 22% for the past five years. Last year was our biggest absolute growth ever.

The year in 2015 also marked a return to profitability since 2011. The period of 2012 to 2014 included significant expansion investments which due to specifics of business model are not capitalized, but accounted as operating expenses.

Now that we have past the recent investment phase, we are looking forward to at 50% growth in annual profits in the next 5 years. For 2016 we are budgeting 77 million EUR of revenue and 600 000 euros of profit.

In 2015 we handled 110 000 orders and the number loyal of customers using Markit regularly reached more than 1 300 companies across Europe and United States.