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Markit acquires 51% majority of ePartner a.s in Norway to become the first choice for Norwegian international companies

 · Margus Pahtma


Markit has joined forces with ePartner, a leading Norwegian b2b IT e-commerce provider, through acquisition of a 51% stake in the company.  By combining the local strength and volume of ePartner with the IT purchasing system and international reach of Markit the aim is to create a strong market position and provide a new level of service for Norwegian customers.

ePartner has a strong local team with more than 16 years of experience in the Norwegian market, valuable local customer base and supplier relationships. The company is serving Norway's leading companies like Telenor, Marine Harvest, Lindorff, Gjensidige and others.

The new purchasing portal, scheduled for a launch in May, will have the best product selection in the market with more than 200 000 unique IT products available as a real-time offering. It will combine all the leading local IT distributors in Norway with Markit's pan-European network of more than 150 major distributors. Connected to the launch will be the unveiling of the first dedicated IT procurement apps in Norway for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Markit has local presence and integrations with the biggest IT distributors in European markets and US. This offers international customers a unique single solution for centralized purchasing and helps to achieve transparency across borders while having the benefits of local next day delivery. Markit has a strong customer portfolio of leading global brands like Western Union, Johnson&Johnson, Deloitte, ABB, Spotify, Radisson Hotels, Monier, Michelin and many more.

The long-term aim of the joint-venture is to become the first choice for Norway's international companies by providing significant savings in the purchasing process and product costs. 

ePartner is already working with some of the leading Norwegian internationals a. We aim to double our revenue from 7 to 14 mio and challenge ATEA’s dominance in its home market by offering fast, focused and transparent alternative by a dynamic company.

Hans Erik Robbestadt, CEO of ePartner: “I am very happy with the new partnership and looking forward to bring a new and improved value proposal to our customers. We will have a unique solution for the Norwegian large enterprises and international global companies with the focus on controlling their IT purchasing and ensuring global implementation of their purchasing policies. With us they can have one portal for all global offices with the local customization, central control and governance model. Personally I do not view this acquisition as an exit from the company - this is a very motivating partnership and I hope I can achieve joint success together with Markit and the team.”

Andres Agasild, CEO of Markit: “Bringing together ePartner and their local experience with a vastly improved product offering is very exciting. The potential in Norway is great and we would like to shake things up a bit by offering a fresh, valuable and energetic alternative to the customers. Similarly, to ePartner we are already servicing some of the leading companies in the world and we have proven our value – I have a strong belief for us to be successful.”