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Markit Leads the IT Procurement Discussion in Poland


Jon Kolasinski, Country Manager at Markit Poland led a round table discussion focusing on global trends in IT procurement at Poland’s largest procurement event, Procon/Polsak 2019. 

Poland is one of Markit’s most developed markets, delivering over 30,000 orders (€12+M of IT products) so far in 2019. Markit Poland’s Net Promoter Score of 74.5 is truly world class so it seems as though we are truly helping clients succeed in reducing the total cost of their IT purchasing.  But that’s no reason not to keep learning from procurement experts at Poland’s leading international companies. 

Last week Jon Kolasinski, Country Manager at Markit Poland, led a round table discussion focusing on global trends in IT procurement at Poland’s largest procurement event, Procon/Polsak 2019. The conference has gained in popularity over the past few years as CPOs are becoming higher profile from digitally transforming their procurement departments.

The topic of the event was: Are you ready for the VUCA (Volatile/Uncertain/Complex/Ambiguous) world?

Jon's collaborators in the discussion included procurement decision makers from Siemens, ING, BNP Paribas, Volkswagen and others.

They covered a few important topics: 

* Balancing the need to manage ever increasing number of IT products purchased while maintaining corporate standards. 

* Environmentally friendly strategies in IT procurement. 

* Forming partnerships and digitalization to optimize procurement processes.

Two (of many) interesting take-outs: 

* There is strong interest in environmentally grading products based upon production, materials, and recyclability.  

* An increasing number of Polish companies are installing procurement systems (such as Ariba) to provide efficiencies and transparency in the procurement process.  

Punchout integration is a trend we see in many of the 33 countries we operate. More and more Markit clients are integrating our IT catalogue of 2.8M IT products with various procurement platforms to increase efficiency. For one company we integrated our catalogue in 20 countries with Ariba, including 7 in just one quarter. 

Whilst Jon was deep in discussion, Agnieszka Sloniewska and Katarzyna Knaf-Witkowska manned the Markit stand, updating existing clients and new companies to the latest ways to save time and money on their IT purchasing with Markit.