Markit Expansion Plans: Brazil, India, Indonesia and Serbia Next 


Looking at the interactive map below you can see Markit is active in 33 countries where we fulfil the IT purchasing requirements of 8000+ international clients, including 20%+ of the Global Forbes 2000.

Being present in 33 countries is impressive but it’s still not the optimum amount when you consider that some of our larger international clients are operating in 40+ countries. Admittedly we have competitors too: global competitors with a lower quality offering and, also locally strong solutions exist, but no-one offers centralised ordering with local delivery, through an online marketplace with a single login system.  Our target is not to cover all 200 countries in the world, but to cover all the key markets that will give the highest boost to Markit’s network value to our international clients. 

Naturally, our clients with global presence want to increase the amount of their IT device and accessory spend under control in every country where they are present. To serve these clients well we always need to follow coverage with a strong local presence, to guarantee the necessary volume, wide product choice and high service levels.  

Looking at the key IT purchasing category trends, it’s important to grasp the fact that there is increasing complexity in IT purchasing due to exploding product variety combined with falling prices. This means Markit’s system (with a single central purchasing an administration login) where IT purchasers can easily manage a group of companies or subsidiaries, with varied sets of user roles and permissions without having to deal with multiple logins or setups by company or country, is a significant time saver. 

Based on client demand, the next 4 countries where we will open are Brazil, India, Indonesia and Serbia. 

As Andres Agasild our CEO says, “Every country we add, creates value for our clients by facilitating even more time and money savings on a larger proportion of their spend. Our clients also value the simplicity and transparency of the Markit system which can be a massive time saver in some developing or fractured markets where traditional purchasing can be complex due to local cultural, financial, legal and other factors.” 

In addition, every country added to the Markit network adds to our supplier network too. Our clients currently have access to products from 300 global IT distributors, this number will grow significantly once the new countries are active. This helps create even more cross border IT supply opportunities for both our clients and distributor partners. 

To find out more about Markit’s expansion plans please contact Kairo Alloja, Head of Expansion at Markit.