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NOËP moves on top of Warsaw with Markit

 · Margus Pahtma

The Estonian electronic dance music sensation NOËP headlined the Markit Annual Summit 2016 in Warsaw. At a truly spectacular venue – at the top of a 32 story skyscraper in a roof-tent! Oh yes... The original Estonian rude-boy, high up and at his rudest.

In Markit we love and are inspired by great music. Markit Music is a developing concept where we show our support for up and coming Estonian artists with truly international potential.

NOËP became a hit with the single “Move” on and off Spotify and is now being released as an artist worldwide by Sony.

As another completely objective measure of growing international fame - NOËP was instantly recognized by significant proportion of the Markit crowd from 13 different European countries. As the “Rihanna” echoed in the cold evening of Warsaw the Spotify personal playlists were flashed about as a proof and fan-photos taken after the live en masse.

Best of luck to Andres, keep it true!

P.S. For every top10 hit we’ll dig up a new Macbook to keep the beats flowing!

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