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HP & Markit Success Story 


Markit and HP have been working together since Markit was founded in 2003. The cooperation and partnership has grown over the years and Markit has achieved SILVER Partner status in 24 countries and GOLD Partner status in 10 more.

Over 1500 international companies use Markit on regular and daily basis to source HP products.

A few of the multiple benefits gained by international companies who choose to buy their HP products through Markit include: 

  • Matched HP Global Pricing on all internationally available HP models 
  • Local fast delivery with billing in local currency 
  • Local language client support and RMA handling 
  • One-click centralised spend overview and reports (CPOs can access data for all countries in one place.) 

In addition to being able to offer global bid/special pricing, IT buyers using the Markit system can also double check that they have the best deal available in real-time, by live-checking stock availability and pricing from all their local HP distributors. 

Over the years Markit has delivered 167.5 million euros worth of HP products across 34 countries. 

Read the full success story on Slideshare 

“We are seeing an increasing number IT procurement professionals at international companies choosing Markit as their one-stop partner to access global HP pricing, models with local delivery, invoicing, and support. In addition, companies who buy their IT hardware direct from HP are often choosing to buy HP accessories via Markit to speed up delivery.

​​​​​​​During the Covid-19 crisis, some organisations unfortunately experienced lack of available stock from their HP resellers. A significant number of these turned to Markit to solve the problem, thanks to our ability to deliver cross border whilst still maintain local pricing, billing, and client support.”

Margus Vahemäe, Head of Sales at Markit 


It is also with utmost pleasure we can say that Markit is joining the HP Amplify™ Partner Program in 34 countries.  

This will bring even greater value to Markit clients. We will share more details about these exciting possibilities and valuable opportunities in the near future.​​​​​​​

“With the important introduction of the HP Amplify™ Partner Program - we are making bold moves and taking decisive actions to capitalize on the changing digital marketplace, positioning our partners for future growth and prosperity and deliver a more satisfying customer experience.” 

Christoph Schell, Chief Commercial Officer, HP Inc.